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Documentation Options Bot Options can be one of the most difficult financial instruments to learn but makes up for this as they are can be extremely profitable. In option bot to start working with options, it's important to familiarize yourself with specific concepts.

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Let's look through the main options strategies and figure out why professional traders like this tool so much. Buy a Call Option: Bullish Buying a call is the main strategy in options trading.

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The main advantage is limited losses and unlimited profit. As can be seen on the graph above, losses are limited by the premium paid for the option.

But the profit is unlimited and depends on the price increase of the underlying asset. This strategy should be applied when you are confident in the bullish mood in the market and the growth in the price of the underlying asset. If the market is dominated by bears, then it is worth taking a closer look at the next strategy.

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Buy a Put Option: Bearish This strategy is the opposite of buying a call option and applies when bears prevail in the option bot. Here the loss is also limited by the premium paid for the option, and the profit is unlimited. Essayez 3Commas gratuitement maintenant.

Options Bot: The new 3Commas trading bot review and tips