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Dans certains cas, les applications auxquelles un utilisateur est connecté doivent également appeler Microsoft Graph sous leur propre identité.

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Some apps call Microsoft Graph with their own identity and not on behalf of a user. In many cases, these are background services or daemons that run on a server without the presence of a signed-in user.

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An example of such an app might be an email archival service that wakes up and runs overnight. In some cases, apps that have a signed-in user present may also need to call Microsoft Graph under their own identity.

For example, an app may need to use functionality that requires more elevated privileges in an organization than those carried by the signed-in user.

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Apps that call Robots doptions binaires Graph with their own identity use the OAuth 2. This topic describes the basic steps to configure a jetons sans and use the OAuth client credentials grant flow to get an access token. Configurer les autorisations pour Microsoft Graph sur votre application. Configure permissions for Microsoft Graph on your app.

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Get administrator consent. Get an access token.

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Use the access token to call Microsoft Graph. Inscrire votre application1. Pour ce faire, vous pouvez utiliser un compte Microsoft ou un compte scolaire ou jetons sans. To authenticate with the Microsoft identity platform endpoint, you must first register your app at the Azure app registration portal.

You can use either a Microsoft account or a work or school account to register your app.

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The Application ID assigned by the Azure app registration portal. URL de redirection pour que votre service reçoive les réponses des jetons.

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A Redirect URL for your service to receive token responses. A Redirect URL for your service to receive admin consent responses if your app implements functionality to request administrator consent. For steps on how to configure an app using the Azure app registration portal, see Register your app. With the OAuth 2.

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Configurer les autorisations pour Microsoft Graph2. You pre-configure the application permissions your app needs when you register your app. Application permissions always require administrator consent.

An administrator can either consent to these permissions using the Azure portal when your app is installed in their organization, or you can provide a sign-up experience in your app through which administrators can consent to the permissions you configured.

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Once administrator consent is recorded by Azure AD, your app can request tokens without having to request consent again. To configure application permissions for your app in the Azure app registrations portal : under an application's API permissions page, choose Add a permission, select Microsoft Graph, and then choose the permissions your app requires under Application permissions.

The following screenshot shows the Select Permissions dialog box for Microsoft Graph application permissions.

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Jetons sans We recommend that you configure the least privileged set of permissions required by your app. This provides a much more comfortable experience for administrators than having to consent to a long list of permissions.

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Get administrator consent Un administrateur peut accorder les autorisations dont votre application a besoin sur le portail Azure.

Important: Any time you make a change to the configured permissions, you must also repeat the Admin Consent process. Changes made in the app registration portal will not be reflected until consent has been reapplied by the tenant's administrator.